Chingy (born Howard Bailey, Jr. on March 9, 1980, in St. Louis, Missouri) is an African American hip-hop music artist.

A former member of the Disturbing Tha Peace collective with Ludacris, Chingy came into the spotlight on his own with his single "Right Thurr" (which has become a popularly used phrase world wide) from his album, Jackpot. After the success of "Right Thurr", "Holidae Inn", featuring Snoop Dogg and Ludacris, climbed the charts, followed by "One Call Away" featuring J-Weav.

Many overlook Chingy's ability to entertain(the soul purpose of a music artist) and take swipes at his different accent and his style of music and his looks.

Ironically, many whom write definitions for chingy are angry, jealous and homophobic teenagers who live with there parents at home and never experienced anything nearly as 'gangsta' which Chingy raps about in many of his songs while rocking out to 'real' gangsta music on there computers. They assume that his fans are all obsessive teenage girls with low self-esteem, who only by his albums for his looks, and assume that chingy is a wannabe.

Extract from a Chingy biography:

By the time he was eight, Chingy was a mainstay in St. Louis recording studios. Recording came naturally to Chingy, a life-long music fan. "I love the sound of music," he says. "I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, the Tempations. Music made me think, and party. I wanted to express myself like those artists were. Talking on a record sounded like a good idea to me."

Person A: Yo dawg, Chingy be the faggott, idiot, wannabe rapper who put out the dumb songs "Holidae Inn" and "Right Thurr".

B: The role of the artist is to entertain. Chingy does this by creating music which undenialbly appeals to the masses. Stop fooling yourself and get on with your life. He is probably more 'gangsta' than you and at the age of 26 isn't doing too bad financially.

A: *shock*. Maybe i could do something more productive with my life....
by DylanW April 01, 2006
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Top Definition
1. Wannabe thug
2. lack of vocabulary
3. promotes illiteracy
4. see wanksta
5. uneducated
Chingy finally moved outta his mamma's house, after his single "Right Thurr" sold millions of copies to teenage girls who are so uneducated and lacking in selfesteem, and who more than likely will end up in shelters for battered women, in the future.
by Anti-Fake Thug Rappers December 18, 2003
Chingy is someone all the girls love. He doesn't make good music, but people still buy his album. Why? Because they like the way he looks. He has no talent, puts on a voice when he raps that sounds like a 12 year old going threw puberty in Arkansas. He truely has no talent...
Some girl at the mall: OH I LUH CHINGY HE BE SO FINE!

Me: Actually, his lyrics are stupid and his songs are stupid :)

by ILLkiLLREALBUiLDIN May 07, 2004
Just another talentless individual with a gimmick, his happens to be a fake accent, but like all other sad pathetic rappers of today he will be gone and forgetten in about a year
Before his downfall chingy will probably try and start a record management company that will fail miserably, then probably try and start a clothing line which will also fail miserably and then finally everyone will forget about him
by Lestat February 21, 2004
A skinny commercial ass, duffy duck sounding pussy, who got the shit beaten out of him at the gallery in philly.
chingy bends over and says "put it right thurr"
by Shamrokk August 03, 2004
1.Gayest fuckin rapper of all time
all his faggot ass songs blow and he raps about nothin just sayin random wannabe gangsta shit
2.loves to smoke the pole
chingy loves to smoke the pole
chingy fuckin sucks ass at rappin
by shea gilly January 14, 2004
Horrible St. Louis rapper who's set a new low for hip-hop. His lyrics are shit and his flow is whack. He's released songs such as "Right Thurr", "One Call Away" and "Balla Baby", none of which have any real meaning
Chingy sucks huge dick!
by Rootbeer February 21, 2005
A mediocre, subpar rapper whose style is clearly derivative of that of Nelly's.
I like the way you do dat right thurr
by IJM October 01, 2003

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