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Heavily Obese Girl

She usually has alot of confidence and doesnt think she is "that big." Often seen squeezing into clothes that are too small and/or wearing clothes that she shouldnt(halter tops, mini skirts, two-piece bathing suits, etc).
Jeremy: Look at her wooble!
James: Yea, she's a H.O.G.
by Kitty05 October 04, 2007
One who fails to use their intelligence in a common sense situation.
Tom: She had sex with her boyfriend at her job. She caught on camera and she got fired.

Vickie: *shakes head* Dumb donkey!
by Kitty05 October 04, 2007
A female who posts photoshopped pictures of herself on the internet. She's usually fat, but she photoshops her pictures to make herself look smaller. She usually wears boyshorts or thongs in her pictures.
Mimi: Is that Lesa?
James: Nah, thats not her body. She's pulling a buttnaked!
by Kitty05 October 04, 2007
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