1. (noun) a dick in your mouth

2. (noun) a pair of testicles or gonads on one's jaw.

3. (noun) a really good blowjob, by which, a deep throater's progress is thwarted by balls, moving or stationary, against one's chin.
1. Here's a little story; a pimp goes up to a ho and says "yo baby, if I put nuts on the wall, would they be walnuts? She says "yeah that's right." The pimp ask's the ho, "if I put nuts on your chest, would they be chestnuts?" The ho says "yeah baby, that's right." The pimp says to the ho, "if I put nuts on your chin, would they be chinnuts? The ho says, "yeah baby." The pimp says, "nah bitch that ain't chinnuts that's a dick in yo' mouth. You fuckin' whore."
by Kid Hasselhoff January 17, 2005
Top Definition
When one person has a dick in his or her mouth. Also works for Chest Nuts, Ear Nuts, or Rib Nuts.
"Sugar daddy if i had nuts on my chest would those be chest nuts?"
"Oh Hell yea"
"Sugar Daddy if i had nuts on my chin would those be chin nuts"
"Oh hell nah bitch you got a dick in your mouf"
by Master of My Domain July 06, 2004
A common misconception is that laying nuts on one's chin will produce 'chin nuts,' when in reality, it will only result in a dick in one's mouth.
"Well daddy if I had nuts under my chin
would those be chin nuts?"

"Hell no bitch you'd have a dick in your mouth!"
by blackfox026 December 02, 2007
the act of having a cock in yo mouf
i gave maria some good chin nuts last night.
by jimbob November 15, 2002
You got a dick in yo mouth.
That ho's got a hankerin' for some chin nuts.
by Jeff August 24, 2004
havin nuts slappin ya on the chin
garon is a chin nut victum
by cw May 05, 2003
synoym for the terms "oral sex", "blowjob" and "fallatio"
Chin nuts in a joke:
What do you call nuts on the chest? - Chestnuts.
What do you call nuts on the wall? - Wallnuts.
What do you call nuts on the chin? - A blowjob!
by Psibar September 04, 2011

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