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11 definitions by cw

Another way of saying "fag". A challenge to a heterosexual's manhood. Usually between good friends.
Hey poodick, are you going to talk to that hot chick or not?
by CW February 15, 2004
how one feels after being educated by a noob, esp. on a trivial subject matter; being "pwned" by a noob.
I feel so n00bulated that I can't get these 'speakers' working!
by CW April 12, 2004
what rizz is
rizz = sekze
by cw April 08, 2004
havin nuts slappin ya on the chin
garon is a chin nut victum
by cw May 05, 2003
"What's in it for me"
"Are you always so selfish, WIFM boy?
by CW February 15, 2004
To meander, undirected towards an inevitable destination.
The conference call began with the usual decorum. However, after the first agenda item was introduced, the team began to circle the drain and wasted the entire hour and $1500 telecommunication fees, debating the necessity of the Risk Management Department.
by CW November 25, 2003
Foul and revolting substance in which Richard should drown
I hope you drown in a pool of shjame
by CW November 05, 2004