(verb) to chill out while relaxing one's bowels, sometimes with yhe help of some laxatives.
''I'm gonna go chillax on the can, I'm constipated man"
by Jah Kitsch June 25, 2012
A mix of the words "Chill" and "Relax."
Whoa, bro: chillax; it's just a game!!
by @$$hole12 January 12, 2012
a word my friend squidget says thats 1 step below sleeping
squidgy: imma chillax 2day!
me: sounds fun~
mr.lib: wats chillax?
class: o.0 for real?
by ms. huggle~ April 06, 2011
To chill and relax at the same time. Fairly simple, but very important to maintain. Common Phrase in New Zealand.
Dude two: "Hey man, chillax! You look like your going to explode!"
Dude one: "Sorry bro, I was just found out my son likes Justin Bieber."
by TheMadRedJack March 07, 2011
chilling and relaxing at the same time making a awesome coolio time.can be used as all forms just dont wreck the meaning.
im just gonna chillax for the day.OR im just chillaxin, u.OR i just chillaxed the whole day.0R however the fuck u want
by whoever u want me to beeee June 06, 2010
a combination of chilling and relaxing CHILLAXING!
Me and my friends are chillaxing eating chips and wathing the football game.
by Actorsky June 11, 2009
a combination of the words "chill" and "relax"
Adam, you need to chillax!
by Represent!408 April 21, 2009
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