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the words chill out and relax combined together
Person: OMG OMG OMG!
Other Person: Shut up and chillaxe you freak!
by Rachel November 20, 2003
merge between chill out and relax... and axe!
it's like chill-axe. so it's like you get chopped with the clillaxe if you're told to calm down.

dude, chillaxe!
Chillaxe, yo!
by fairyfarts April 15, 2009
What you do when you can finally relax after being stinky for a while and putting on axe deoderant.
Jimmy: Damn You stink! Heres my axe.

Bob: Thanks now i can finally chill-axe
by poop comes from anus's February 28, 2009
when someone needs to chill and relax
Person 1: OMG I'm so worried about the test tommorrow.
Person 2: Dude, quit being a bitch, chillaxe
by westcoastHusker November 22, 2006
combo of chill out and relaxe
I DEAD!!!!!!! Chillaxe bro.
by Eric November 18, 2003
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