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2 definitions by Murderinc


1. A combination of chilling-out and being able to relax at the same time.
2. A calm state of mind.

Dude, you better CHILLAX before you have a heart attack!

He must have smoked a joint, he's really CHILLAXED.

What you doing? CHILLAXING.
by Murderinc May 31, 2009
2 4
1. Lazy
2. Tired
3. The fear of working or doing anything
When the unemployment office called his house and had a job for him, he replied " I can't go to work because my Dr. just diagnosed me with NIGGARITIS."

"Yo bro, I don't feel like doing shit, I've got NIGGARITIS".
by Murderinc May 31, 2009
25 44