An interesting sex position, related to the recent Chilean miner event.
I said to my wife in bed - "Give me a Chilean Miner!" She said - "What's that?"
I said - "Go down to the bottom of my shaft and stay there 'til Christmas!"
#chilean miner #miner #sex position #chile #sex
by Apox66reddit September 03, 2010
Top Definition
During oral sex, where the giver stays at the bottom of your shaft so long, you'd swear she plans to stay there until Christmas.
Does she like to give blow jobs? Oh yeah, that Betty is real Chilean Miner.
#chilaen #miner #oral sex #blowjob #bj
by Belfry September 03, 2010
Go down to the bottom of one's shaft and stay there 'til Christmas!
I said to my wife in bed - "Give me a Chilean Miner!" She said - "What's that?" - reddit
#blow job #sex #oral sex #blow #oral
by ShakenStirred007 September 03, 2010
Sexual act. When you go down to the bottom of a man's shaft, and stay there 'til Christmas!
Dude this chick totally gave me a Chilean Miner. I passed her some nutrients through my supply pipe
#chile #miner #blow job #head #shaft
by Apox66 September 03, 2010
When a guy fucks a girl and the condom gets stuck in her cunt and is not retrieved for 69 days
Girl: Hey you remember us fucking 69 days ago?

Guy: Ya, what about it? You still don't believe I was wearing a condom?

Girl: No I do now, it popped out today. You Chilean miner'd me.
#chilean #miner #condom #cunt #fucking
by Gtap1183 March 23, 2011
You stick your dick in a dark and dangerous hole of your choice, leave it there for 69 days, and then refuse to talk about it for awhile.
Ol' tantric ass Sting has got nothing on my Chilean Miner.
#chillean #sex #tantric #sting #foreplay
by Slung Goo November 07, 2010
A sexual situation akin to rescuing the trapped Chilean miners, where three holes were drilled.
Dude, at the PKE frat party rager Nick, Kregg and Tony took Alana upstairs and all three gave her the Chilean Miner!
#bukkaki #three-way #menage et trois #group sex #orgy #gang bang
by al cane November 05, 2010
When your significant other goes down your shaft and doesn't come up for over two months.
Man, your sister gave me a Chilean Miner yesterday. In fact, she's still going...
#chlian miner #dirty sanchez #rusty trombone #strawberry shortcake #rusty nail
by Joe Hitze October 14, 2010
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