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leaving someone in an undesirable situation and letting him fend for himself
A: "Oh, shit, the cops just pulled up. We gotta go tell Josh."
B: "Nah, fuck that shit, man. Josh is a bitch. Let's just training day the motherfucker and get the hell out of here."

X: "Dude, you know that girl who stood me up last month?"
Y: "Yeah, what about her?"
X: "I just gave her the wrong address to my house. Bitch is gonna knock on some random door and get training day'd as fuck, man. hahaha"
by Proboterror October 10, 2010
shorthand for "don't masturbate while my back is turned."
Tommy, you know I hate having my back showered by ejaculate. For the last time, DMWMBIT!
by Proboterror May 31, 2010
when a girl goes down the shaft and stays 'til Christmas
Oh, Randy, you're so noble and if you carry out your cause, I'll give you a Chilean Miner.
by Proboterror September 03, 2010

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