when a girl goes down the shaft and stays 'til Christmas
Oh, Randy, you're so noble and if you carry out your cause, I'll give you a Chilean Miner.
by Proboterror September 03, 2010
A sexual experience which finally happens after prolonged flirtation for months. The sex goes on for days. And in the process you "bore down" into each others souls and connect on the deepest most spiritual level.
Dude, it was intense. We had like this epic John/Yoko bed-in all weekend. It was like primal ,caveman, stuff-I-thought-I-could-only-discover-in-therapy-sex. It was a real Chilean Miner.

John and Mary had liked each other for a while but never acknowledged it. The whole office knew it. And then I guess one weeekend they had this Chilean Miner and they've been together ever since.
by justsitthereandstare October 14, 2010
An interesting sex position, related to the recent Chilean miner event.
I said to my wife in bed - "Give me a Chilean Miner!" She said - "What's that?"
I said - "Go down to the bottom of my shaft and stay there 'til Christmas!"
by Apox66reddit September 03, 2010
A joke request to have intercourse for several months.
Man: "Give me a Chilean miner"
Woman: "What's that?"
Man: "Go down to the bottom of my shaft and stay there till Christmas"
by Pon_Raul September 03, 2010
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