Arrogant, know-nothing person ignorant of basic geography, who is likely to post on Urban Dictionary that Chile is located in the south-EASTERN part of South America, when a quick glance by a Canadian third-grader will tell us that Chile is in the south-WESTERN part of the continent. Such massive intellect is responsible for the continuing backward nature of the country and the disdain that civilised people have for its residents. The Chilean government spends massive amounts of money on education of Chileans and has oh so little to show for it in return.
Isabel is so... Chilean... I don't know how she can find her shoes, let alone tie the laces.

My former boss was so Chilean that he was always at least half an hour late for work, but then he only lasted here for about 6 months.

We made the mistake of taking Mark to a Chilean restaurant and he said it was an experiment in tastelessless, both for the tacky decor and the bland cuisine.
by Ratón de Biblioteca September 15, 2011
The most unknown country of south america, they are often teased for their way of talking, it's believed that they slur their words because they have Inca Dick in their mouths, but no one knows for sure, they look mentally challenged, and are known for almost nothing, but their pride and joy is of a successful man who host's a Spanish Game Show in the U.S named "Sabado Gigante", and if it wasn't for him chile wouldn't exist
"Man1: Causa, Por que existe chile?"

"Man 2: No se, pero creo que hay Viven Las chilean ratas no?"

"Man 1: AHH, ok
by RuvianMaster May 28, 2011
A person from the south american country Chile. They think their Spanish, but we all know they are from Chile, and they be Chilean.

They may speak spanish and look spanish but they aint yo.

Some ppl need to learn that just because you may speak the language, and look the part, you ARE Not Spanish. HAHAHA! ...... word
in Brazil, they speak Portuguese BUT they are Brazilian and Not Portuguese. chileans ain't spanish, thats why their called chileans and not spaniards, say what.
by Blackman1212 April 01, 2007
A person who comes from the South American country of Chile. The general attitude of the typical Chilean is very cold and unwelcoming of outsiders. Chileans are passive-agressive and have a serious superiority/inferiority complex as being the "best", "most-developed" nation in South America. Generally, most others in Latin America are friendly and generous. Not the Chilean, they have made an art out of gossiping and rudely staring at people. On paper, Chileans seem to be very nice, the reality that is a modern-day Chilean is far from that.
Non-Chilean: Says "thank you" to Chilean.

Chilean: Responds with a dirty look and tells non-Chilean to go screw himself.
by viajero1973 March 26, 2009
I really pitty chileans, they are in a paralel reality where all the world envys them, they think that they came from royalty because Margareth Tatcher thanked them when they sold their angentinian brothers to the english for some guns.

They consider themselves a warrior raze, but when they sent a shitload of soldiers to Peru, they shit their pants when peruvian militia came to fight them, so I think that peruvians are giants with eight arms and spit fire and acid to their enemies, because there is no other explanation for a defeat of this "warrior" raze.

Always watching their neighbors, they fear that the south american countries get powerfull, because with a war, they would dissapear from the map.

They don´t have creativity, so they always copy the peruvian dishes, economical campaings, names invents, etc. that is the result of having no national food, or dances.

But the worst fucking thing about chileans is that they hate their original ancestors, they called europeans to go chile and to make all people in chile white, but the result is shit.

in short words they don´t have honor, respect, creativity and the other caracteristics that make us humans.

South Chilean: Hi man, can you tell me the hour?

North Chilean( the fucked ones): Shot tha fok op jou shit I dom´t tolc to scum lyke jou.

Peruvian and Argentinian: What is going on in here?

South chilean: This piece of shit things that is superior.

The Peruvian, Argentian and south Chilean kill the little prostitute and restore the order in south america.
by Amarok13 April 19, 2009
Well, in fact nobody truly envies chileans… they are lacking humbleness. They are a well disciplined country (they had a very long dictatorship that taught them how to obey orders) that loves to suck Uncle Sam dick. They have always been traitors and aggressive to all their neighbors.
Having said that of course there are some delighting human beings in Chile (not to many but I met a few when there). The problem was that at the time I visited Chile I hated it almost as much as they hate us, so I was not in a position to enjoy beautiful things unless they were in front of my eyes. When I turned on the radio I heard more Argentinean music than I ever heard in Argentina... I strongly dislike Bachelet, that liar; I support high school students movement!
As for 1996 Chileans had not rock music. In a radio show called "conexión nacional" I listened all Argentinean musicians and the only one Chilean song broadcasted was plagiarism from a very old Argentinean folklore music song.

A: I do not envy chileans, really.
Ch: Deja ia la weá argentino weon, en Argentina tu no tení marraqueta y no tomai once (spanish?)
A: wtf did you say? (I'm native spanish speaker and hardly recognize spanish in it)
by terremotodevaldivia August 31, 2006
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