A person who pwns
Person 1: Hi. I live in Argentina
Person 2: Bad for you. I'm Chilean. You're so fuckin ghey. HAHA

(See how the Chilean pwns?)
by jason23uk December 23, 2003
A person who hails from Chile, a country located in South America, BUT they are not Spanish, they are from Chile (Chilean).

Even though a person may speak spanish it doesn't mean that they are spanish. If a person from Argentina spoke spanish, they are considered Argentinian AND NOT SPANISH!!

Some ppl need to learn that just because you may speak the language, and look the part, you ARE Not Spanish. Its like a white guy going to Africa (not south) and saying he's african because he can speak African, jeez.
in Brazil, they speak Portuguese BUT they are Brazilian and Not Portuguese. Same thing applies to a person from Chile, they can speak spanish and they look spanish but deep down inside they are chilean.
by Blackman1212 March 25, 2007
1. a person from the country of chile, in spanish pronounced "chileno".
2. the men of this culture have tan skin, dark features and unusually large penises
"so you think matias can get that girl to go out with him?"
"no shit, he's chilean"
by LILFETUS July 27, 2005
An extremely smart person who sometimes, when bored, go to countries like Sweden to take advantage from their hyper-developed culture and live for free and have some time to ponder about life...
Chilean people could rule the world if they wanted to but they don't... you know why? 'cause they let those people with no cunning to do the dirty work.
by VIVA CHILE MIERDA February 27, 2004
Really cool people who comes from Chile, the most cool people from latin america, they are very friendly people, they have the most cool slang in spanish and they are thieves by nature (and they feel proud of it). VIVA CHILE MIERDA :D
chileans are cool, peruvians are fuckin gays
by el1313 January 07, 2010
a person from a country called chile. Duh pronounced Chileno in spanish. No matter what the guy above me says Chileans have good taste in music gennerally better taste than the average latino cuz the average puerto rican or cuban or anybody from central america likes only music that they can dance too and thats cool its traditional for them. Chileans like all kinds of music even if its obscure or popular.Many great bands reside in Chile Los jaivas a great folk/progressive band ,Los tres a great folk/rock/jazz band , then theres other good band like Chancho en piedra,Los bunckers, and cinergia a band that sounds like the incubus S.C.I.E.N.C.E album but instead of brandon singing its a comedian rapping about everyday stuff . As for all the argentinian stuff the guy above was talking about he totally exagerated there are many good if not great or in some cases bad(Miranda) argentinian bands infact the scene is huge but not enough to flood chilean radio. The person who wrote the article above must of listened to the radio once a week or maybe once a month thats the only way i can explain cuz i was there the same time he was . As for all the dictatorship thing, well the only thing i got to say is that chilean ppl dont know how to fallow orders cuz that dictatorship was dissolved ya it took 30 yrs to take pinochet out of his throne but the chileans did it not like other countries who needed help ,another point i can make is that if anybody goes to chile now or watches the news in chile youll see that there are alot of demonstrations that often turn into riots that are about downsizing, school system busspasses which then turned into a country wide "injustices in the school system" riot.
As for the spanish the guy above was talking about...i dont know what traditional spanish is but spanish from spain(the spanish i assume he knows) is just as complicated and has not as much slang but also has other languages(catalan,valenciano) incorporated into it . Spanish in spain is just as complicated And i bet he doesnt even know that being the average latino that he is only listening to mexican mainstream music dancing to merengue at the bars here in north america. Thinking that chileans have the same taste as him when they dont. obviously being shocked by this fact he decided to write a definition completely cutting chileans up .I felt like i had to go clear the air.
chilean: oye ,me puedes ayudar?
spaniard: si pues que nesesitas?
chilean:donde esta el supermercado?
Spaniard: si caminas cinco manzanas...
spaniard: nosotros llamamos a las cuadras manzanas
chilean: ahh si ahora cacho.
spaniard: cacho..?
by DiegoB February 03, 2007
Chilean; Leading the South American Gangster Nation.
The Chilean Gangster Nation once again owned the Argentinian people.
by ChiLeaN MAfia LeAdEr June 07, 2004
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