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A Mexico-specific word for a pig. Can be used as a derogatory term for an obese person.
Chancho, give me your sweats!
by mihan July 10, 2008
A Chancho is always there for you. He is super funny, and always knows what's up. He also may be on the bigger side, but the only size that matters to a Chancho, is the size of your heart! He is also very loyal to his friends. You never want to lose a Chancho, because if you find one you are set up for life!
Chancho is always there when I need him.
by UrbanTruth2016 May 25, 2016
some fat ass mother fucker that was in nacho libre
chancho you son of a bitch you ate my nachos and libre (book)
by John Bacon November 10, 2007
chancho is a sexual term, refering to nacho libre the spanish movie, he is so ugly one day someone said he would never "get some" and i said i dont know chancho got it going on. and someone said no chancho got it going on so now everyone refers chancho- to ugly people that are so ugly they actually have a chance with all the other ugly people. =]
tommy totally chancho'd that hore last night. 0.0
by cale le fuxor November 14, 2007
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