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The name given to a woman of strong character, incredible beauty, amazing passion and love for life. She will rock your world. Imagine everything you want and that is her. She is usually exotic with eyes full of life and mystery. One look and that's all it will take for you to fall under her spell. A lover of everything in this world from books, movies, food and life she will open your eyes never before imagined. If you find her, keep her!
"Oh my God, I am in love with Chiedza!"

"Dude, who isn't? She is a keeper that one!"
by Peter Rhodes55 June 23, 2014
A girl, who is a wonderful dancer, and bites people. Party animal, and is not scared of being the centre of attention.
A great shag, and is sometimes bisexual. :)

Make sure you get her quick tho, because her type are running out pretty fast.
Bob: Wow, did you see that chiedza?
Andy: Seriously? there's a chiedza here? Damn! get her before someone else does!!
by themostamazingfriendever April 27, 2009
A Chiedza is a type of person who is of average height, quite annoying and likes to have people touch her forehead.
oi look at that chiedza in the corner
That girl failed her GCSEs. What a chiedza.
someone who is evil.
by exshica January 14, 2008
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