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The best person you can ever hope to meet, she is kind, passionate,loving and perfect in every way. Also she is so beautiful and sexy. She can make anyone laugh and is so lovable and cute. Once you meet her you will never want to let her go, she will be the best thing to ever happen to you and you will fall in love with her. She is perfect.
your so pretty, you must be a Shona
by Sneepsnop February 07, 2013
Beautiful human being. She has very good intuition and an amazing voice. Can sometimes be perceived as shy but is actually very confident. She is cute, strong, sexy, and always has a smile on her face. She is the best at cheering others up
I was feeling down but I bumped into Shona and now life is great again
by donut_ask July 04, 2015
This is the typical name for a pure bred female Crackhead that lives in the far North West of Western Australia.
Her addiction has esculated to a Shona standard.
by CancerousCunt October 13, 2015
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