Wow! This nigerian queen is too much to handle
she's sporty and feels power in her gear, she's hilarious
She's prang but she's a safehouse. She's beautiful n

Has a singing voice of much talent.

You didn't leave without your chidera today did you?
by blem 1 May 24, 2011
Top Definition
A Nigerian princess that holds the worlds most valuable jewel..."Rotunda"
That girl is frontin' just tryin to be like Chidera
by Gracey March 24, 2005
a beautiful tall girl whos really kind and sweet, people envy her for her gorgeousness and kindness. shes been though alot in her life. people really look up to her.
wow.....your no one is as beautiful and kind like chidera
by _________________33333___ November 03, 2011
An ugly ass rat that smells like farm
Also might look like Rick Ross
You look like a chidera 🖕🏻
by Beautiful Princess 101 8=D March 28, 2016
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