Term used mostly for male Latinos residing on the east coast, but also used around the US. This term was taken mainly for the prominent presence of Cubans and Puerto Ricans in the area. It contracts the use of ESE by many Mexican Americans, and sometimes is used by a male Latino to differentiate his non Mexican or mostly Caribbean and south American roots
Latino heritage rappers from the east coast called themselves chico or lil' chico, and include this term in the songs where a chicano rapper might had included ese or an African American might had included nigga.
by jicb June 08, 2009
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1. The Most typical name for a chiuahua yet still g
2. Spanish For Small
3. A word that can be used to call a boy
4. Chico's: a clothing store for women
5. A city in California in The Sacramento Valley
1. My old chiuahua's name was chico
2. Esa Camisa Esta Muy Chico(That shirt is too small)
3. Oye Chico Ven A Qi(Hey Kid Come Here)
4. Yesterday Ashley hit up the sales at Chico's

5. Chico, CA,one of the richest agricultural areas in the world
by Johnstaysfitted December 24, 2010
Word for any mexican or hispanic male.
Can be used for everyone.
"What da fucks this Chico, man?"
"Yo Chico, pass the blunt."
by Diego Blunt August 20, 2003
A small colege party town 100 miles North of Sacramento. Many times in the past Playboy has rated Chico State the number 1 party school in the nation
Where ya headed? Chico State where all the bitches like to screw
by Michael 1234 May 21, 2008
A Hispanic male
Yo look at dat chico those bitches sweatin' him.
by AC April 23, 2003
An a extremely Handsome boy/man, who's very outgoing and funny. Chico is caring and loving if you happen to be that special someone to him.
He's wonderful and great Husband material! Chico is great with kids. Sings awesomely! But his specialty is guitar.

Chico is caring, loving, cute, handsome, top notch, the best man to ever marry. He's smart in school, determined, loyal and very committed in a relationship. He has a wonderful heart and is a man who was specially crafted by God.

Theirs no other guy in the world as amazing and handsome as Chico.
"I'm madly in Love with a man named, Chico"
by Strawberri3 September 20, 2013
Slang term for Mexican male. Currently morphed into "Chicano" (Agglutination of Chico + Americano). The term itself is probably derived from "Chicomoztoc" meaning "seven caves" in the Nahuatl (Aztec) language. It is believed that the Mexicans (Aztecs) originated near (or at) Chicomoztoc (seven caves.)
Hey, did you see Chico and the man last night?
by Aec August 15, 2003
curious crowd of youngsters hanging about, talking amongst themselves, probably smoking something or reading a poem
Those chicos who hang out under the tree by my window kiss each other at midnight.

¿Gustan un vino tinto chicos?
by Alberto Duarte June 08, 2009

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