A really cool dog. Everyone at the dog park knows his name, because he is just that awesome.
'Everybody loves Chico.'
by anonymous September 29, 2004
Sagebrush. Scrub oak. Desert flora
Akin to out in the boondocks
"Hey, he's way out in the chico's, man!"
#boondocks #bundocks #toolies #in the sticks #in the desert
by Rusty Armor August 28, 2011
any amazingly disgusting tuft of chest hair that enjoys its own identity separate from its owner, a siamese twin of sorts.
examples of a chico include but are not limited to Paul, yankee fans, degenerate gambler
#chest #bro #yankee #frido bandito #paul
by notabroha October 06, 2007
Runner up of the X-Factor.
All round rubbish musician and ugly guy.
Chico can't write any songs and isn't a musician.
He is rubbish.
#ugly #untalented #can't sing #rubbish #isn't a musician
by miss_elaine May 26, 2006
legendary gangstar and hip hop legend from Brisbane, Australia.
"Me and chico were in a cafe once and some guy dropped a spoon... Chico flipped out and killed the whole town!"
by Frankie and the maddog January 07, 2005
An affectionate term for an English girl. From Dorset.
Hey chico, fetch my tractor!
#chico #chica #dorset #english #oxford
by linguist231 April 02, 2008
Some kind of hard man in dublin's inner city
Look that little chico thinks hes mike tyson
#maneen #hardshaw #waar #scanger #scagbag
by chomskola January 24, 2007
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