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Slang for chicken breasts.
"Biatch, cook me up some chicken tits and potatoes." or "I'm so hungry I could eat a whole bucket of fried chicken tits."
by Limerickstew October 29, 2005
chicken tits - when a parent feeds a female child large amounts of non free range chicken containing excessive growth hormones for increased meat tenderness and mass. The result being wherein the child proceeds to enter the puberty stages and totally end up being a hot babe with huge knockers who likes to slut around.
"hey, that girl over there looks like her parents were really nice when she was little and took her out to eat alot at kentucky fried chicken."

"why do you say that?"

"Because she has chicken tits and I want to have sex with her"
by ClamSpasm November 14, 2006
1. Something you call your friends of the opposite sex. It is meant to be affectionate, yet witty and hilarious, making it an okay nickname/term of endearment for someone you love just as a friend!

2. Don't try this with someone you aren't super tight with. 'Chicken tits,' while hilarious, can seem derogatory to someone with no humor.
Guy friend: "Night sweetheart"

Girl: "Dude... don't call me sweetheart"

Guy friend: "Alright chicken tits, see ya tomorrow!"
by NatiHemptress February 16, 2011
Tits that taste like chicken
!!!!!!!!! CHICKEN YUM YUM TITS!!!!!!!!
!!!!! YUMMY!
My bitch let me suck her chicken tits last night!!Too bad I got herpes.
by gregls January 18, 2008
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