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3 definitions by Limerickstew

Making a great cup of coffee in the backcountry is easy when you prepare it the way cowboys have done for over a century. Simply pour the coffee grounds into a cup of hot water and stir. Most of the coffee will dissolve in the water. The remaining grains are then sifted through the front teeth. This is also a great solution for poor people who cannot affort a $5 cup of joe from Starbucks.
"That homeless guy must have just had a cup of cowboy coffee. His teeth are full of coffee grounds!"
by Limerickstew October 30, 2005
Slang for chicken breasts.
"Biatch, cook me up some chicken tits and potatoes." or "I'm so hungry I could eat a whole bucket of fried chicken tits."
by Limerickstew October 29, 2005
Meat drops is slang for a woman's breasts.
"Damn biatch, you sure have a nice set of meat drops. How about you come back to my place so you can rub those in my face!"


"She finally showed me her meat drops and her nipples were extremely hairy. I decided to floss my teeth with them."
by Limerickstew October 30, 2005