2 definitions by NatiHemptress

An adjective describing someone who is so fugly or slutty that no decent guy wants to fuck them.

Instead of pursuing the fugly/whorish person the guy 'zips up his Johnson' at all costs.
Girl: 'Do you see that hoe making an ass out of herself? She is trying so hard but she's so ugly that no one will give her a chance.'

Other girl: 'Yeah, she's a total Johnny Zipper.'
by NatiHemptress February 16, 2011
1. Something you call your friends of the opposite sex. It is meant to be affectionate, yet witty and hilarious, making it an okay nickname/term of endearment for someone you love just as a friend!

2. Don't try this with someone you aren't super tight with. 'Chicken tits,' while hilarious, can seem derogatory to someone with no humor.
Guy friend: "Night sweetheart"

Girl: "Dude... don't call me sweetheart"

Guy friend: "Alright chicken tits, see ya tomorrow!"
by NatiHemptress February 16, 2011

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