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the are in which the penis is, great for fucking and to be sucked.
Dude my penal area is sore from the hardcore lesbian sex i watched last night. I masurbated so hard !! look at the soreness and cancerous areas. this is soo crazy i would rather just get 6 stds and die.
by gregls March 07, 2008
Tits that taste like chicken
!!!!!!!!! CHICKEN YUM YUM TITS!!!!!!!!
!!!!! YUMMY!
My bitch let me suck her chicken tits last night!!Too bad I got herpes.
by gregls January 18, 2008
Men and women can enjoy this together. But while doing this, make sure to not make babies! Use a condam every time or suffer the consequences of HERPES!! DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!
One day, when I was eating a sandwitch, a girl came up to me and asked me if i wanted to have a good time. I said, I LOVE GOOD TIMES! HOOK ME UP BIATCH! First, she gave me a hand job. At first, she was squeezing a lttle too hard. I was dissapointed at this, so I told her to let off a little. Eventually, she got used to the form. The rest of the time, we simply licked each other in innapropriate places like the penal area and the vaginal area and the breastial area. sex.
by gregls January 18, 2008

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