Home of the greatest Industrial bands and record labels in America. Second only to the Faterland, aka Germany, for greatest Industrial bands in the world.
Many of today's Industrial artists call Chicago home.
by Jon Doe September 09, 2003
Best damn city in the U.S. People here are not racist, ignorant, or uneducated. Some of the best high schools in the country are here. People are nice. If you need help with anything you can ask a complete stranger and he'll help you. The fat pigs are over in Wisconsin, although there are some here. Its safe as long as you don't go into the south side, even though there are nice parts down south. Weather sucks in the winter, but get over it and wear a jacket. Only negatives are crime and corruption, but every big city has those. Those who call it Shit-Cago are fags who wouldn't recognize a good city if it was a man who sucked their dick.
Chicago= Best city in the world
by bossman35 November 15, 2011
One of the greatest bands of all time. They were 2nd only to the Beach Boys in nationwide album and single sales, of whom Chicago is better than, by the way. Chicago was known as the "Legendary Rock 'N' Roll Band With Horns" because the eight-man group with backed with a strong brass instrument section. Their major run of success and popularity lasted from 1969 to 1991. Being formed by lead singer and guitarist Terry Kath in the late 60s, the band would soon include eight members, including Peter Cetera, the famous frontman of the band throughout the early to mid-80s. Several other musicians would participate as temporary members of the band as others decided to go their own way, or if some tragedy happened.
A major tragedy did occur: soon after the release of Chicago XI, the band's eleventh album, band frontman AND former Terry Kath accidently, and fatally, shoots himself in the head while cleaning his gun. From then on until the dawn of the 80s, the band would struggle to find a replacement as well as an identity of who they really were. The band soon signed with a new record company in about 1981, whereupon they would have some of their greatest accomplishments. Here is where Peter Cetera really stood out. Now he was officially the active frontman for Chicago the Band. In 1982, the band would produce two major hits "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" and "Love Me Tomorrow", both with lead vocals by Peter Cetera, of whom was also the electric bass player. The band had also brought in the addition of vocalist/keyboardist Bill Champlin at this time. Champlin would be the one to take over when Peter Cetera decided to leave the band to pursue his rather successful solo career after 1984.
Even more smash hits would follow in 1984, all having lead vocals by Cetera. These included "Stay The Night", "Hard Habit To Break", "Along Comes A Woman", and "You're The Inspiration". Even after Peter Cetera parted from the band to release a few successful albums in his solo career, Chicago still prospered. Now they added Jason Scheff who replaced Peter Cetera as the bass player and also contributed vocals. Chicago made the first "post-Cetera" album, Chicago 18, with Scheff in 1986. He, Bill Champlin, and four of the band's original members would remain with Chicago, with the four, original members still being in the lineup today. The band still does live concerts and creates an album every now and then. Over the course of their three-decade long history, Chicago has racked up around 30 albums, hundreds of live performances, and several boxed sets and compilations, as well as a huge fan base numbering well into the tens of millions.
The best Chicago compilation is The Very Best of Chicago: Only The Beginning
by Ryan October 26, 2004
Chicago. Home of my heart. Misdefined by many on this site. Home of Buddy Guy and his own venue. Best pizza and hot dog in usa. Mickey's on Manheim is the best fry and dog combo. Deep dish is amazing but a whole nother beast. Traditional pizza is better than any I had in New york. I've been to a majority of americas big cities and chicago has blown all others out of the water. I didn't feel the pride in new york, houston, miami, san diego, auston, new orleans, milwaukee, ect, that I felt walking the steets of chicago. Only city to carry on lallapallooza. Largest free music fest. Blues fest that is. Bring beer, a grill, food, and listen to blues greats in grant park surrounded by the most beautiful skyline, for free! And nothing beets the railsystem. You can get from any greater chicago suburb to anywhere in the city easy and cheap. And if your smart like most people there are, pretty much anywhere you go is safe. And lovely.
What city is has such wonderful food, culture, architecture, art, and the sexiest skyline that you want to sleep with it?
Answer: chicago!!
by knower of stuff March 18, 2010
first of all how the hell can people keep saying chicago compares itself to new york..chicago is a damn city..not a person..it cant talk! and the people here do have good reason to comopare to new york. they both have terrible gang violence..and full of peoplpe on high-horses(less in da chi) and have big buildings. And never say were not educated..how arent we when most of the math books in the world come from chicago. and were the leading medical city in the country. and another thing!
1|chicago is better than ny...it just is all you have to do is talk to someonw..we wont shut u up or walk past you like those e yuppies
2|there is diversity..the only people who think we arent are outsiders
2|we arent racist...when me an my friends see white people downtown(being from the southside)we talk and both groups just wanna rep our city!
3|new york is full of wannabees while chicago produces some of the best most cultured people in the world.
before you dis chicago COME THE HELL OVER HERE!!
3|and our L system is cleaner,smarter,and more comfortable
oh...chicago i love your skyline
please help us chicago we need some of your water!-LA
well i went to robeson high in south chicago and now i nake 7 figures...QUARTERLY!-chicago
by fred s. June 30, 2006
Chicago is a city in the midwest. Home to some great things like Second City, and the Sears Tower. Now, I must disprove some of the common stereotypes people have about Chicago. The Southside has every kind of ethnicity you can think of. It's not just blacks. Have you ever heard the term "Southside Irish"? We aren't hicks. As a whole, we aren't racist. While the CPS system isn't the greatest, it isn't the hell that people who aren't from Chicago say it is. Now for the thing that are true. We have a corrupt government, I know that's obviously a bad thing, but really, who doesn't have a corrupt governemnt? Chicago just gets more exposure for it's corruption. We do have a lot of liberals, as is true with most big cities.

Quite frankly, their isn't enough time in the day to name all the Chicago stereotypes. So please stop insulting Chicago and do something more productive with your time.
Silly Suburban Kid: I never leave the suburbs,Chicago scares me!

by myriad_of_sighs April 25, 2009
A large monster that can swallow up any tourist to empty their pocket books. An amazingly simple city to get around in. Tagger Heaven. Home of the White Sox, Blackhawks, Bears, Bulls and the Cubs. A place where hipsters gather on North Avenue and the hood isn't distinguished from block to block. Good place to live. People from Illinois that are from Chicago, say they're from Chicago FIRST AND FOREMOST.

Also has a distinct accent and lingo.
Tim: "Dude where are you from?"
Amy: "Chicago."
Tim: "You mean Illinois?"
Amy: "NO. I mean CHICAGO."
by Chitowncat December 04, 2010
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