gotta go now, chibbles
see ya later, chibz
by uGlY January 07, 2004
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to be pimped out in he heezy
damn that pimp was chibbled out
by cracker 101 November 06, 2003
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after someone has dribbled and it has dryed on their chin

o man did u see jason the other day, he had pure chibble
by Mashmo July 29, 2007
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A small piece of poop that doesn't flush the first time.
Mable powdered her nose in the mirror to the hiss of the filling toilet and glanced down at the bowl. A chibble had bobbed back up from below and was now circling the bowl. She waited for the hissing to stop and flushed again. Satisfied it finally went down, she returned to the party.
by ThotsRpuhn December 25, 2016
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