Someone who is being argumentative or causing grief for no reason....describing someone
Chelsea was being proper chewy last night
by Boro Lass November 09, 2013
Verb; Chewies, Chewie, Chew (round of chewies)

'Chewies' refers to the action of a female (whore, slag, bitch, ho) performing oral sex on a male.

Women are often required to perform what is referred to as a 'round of chewies' which is quintessentially 3 separate acts within a short amount of time.

(Chewies can also be used to refer to a woman receiving oral sex)
Gimme a round of chewies
by Chewbaccachewdawgchewmasterche August 07, 2011
A blunt rolled with cocaine
"I smoke chewy like a mother fuckin nut"-Andre Nickatina
by NotThatGanster August 04, 2008
Someone who is in between skinny and fat. They have a little bit of chew on their body.
That girl I hooked up with last night was not fat! She was chewy
by Tmotay February 07, 2014
When your butt is eating your underwear.
After a wedgie, you have a chewy. Or when it just happens because your shorts/swimsuit rides up into your butt crack.

Don't just let your butt feast on your underwear for all to see... pick your chewy already!
by pissymiss July 25, 2012
When someone or something is very ugly or displeasing to the eyes. Or when somebody just got messed up really bad.
That bitch was chewy.
by WoodsySteam April 03, 2012
northern slang for a lovebite, hickey etc.
omg you have a chewy on your neck! who were you with last night?
by ladette August 18, 2012

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