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a ghetto way of spelling boy
we say boi not boy!
by Teeze May 14, 2004
Putting izzle with the beginning leader of a word.
fo' shizzle my nizzle!
by Teeze May 14, 2004
Fantastic twatpussy.
Used by men after having fantastic sex with female.
Whoa, having sex with Marlina was twatastic!
by Teeze May 22, 2004
Actually the dirty south is the most southernest states only.not no ny. fl,ga, kt,tn,nc,sc,tx,va,la(state not city).if the others states weren't named their not considered the dirty south.
"I represent the dirty an' we squall shit out", lil wanye words
by Teeze May 14, 2004
Yeah dats rite; true dat
Chris: ah man,I wanna fuck dat hoe!
Marcus: shit,damn skeepee
by Teeze May 17, 2004
dirty south word for sucking dick; giving head,brain or blow job
Dat hoe, Ticey gave me a chew til she turned blue!
by Teeze May 14, 2004
1. A very big forehead. Your hair line is very high; most likely in the middle of your head.
2.giving good head; sucking dick
1. Shaye got dat five head!
2."five head wat we want"
by Teeze May 12, 2004

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