chad connoyer's awesome car
my green chevelle is loud!
by Chad Connoyer July 06, 2003
chase's car witch is so swank...
man that ladie is a chevelle
by sherwin February 19, 2003
NOT A STUPID BAND. THEY AREN'T ROCK. A good ol Chevrolet Chevelle. Thee top end model of a Chevy Malibu. One of the greatest cars, ever. DETROIT MUSCLE
My brother's 70 Chevelle SS will blow the doors of your gay import.
by Spartans! January 08, 2005
a piece of shit car that people who know nothing about cars think is "a sick muscle car." O wow it has a V-8? Cool its 200 horsepower you faggots. And its heavy as shit, and the intake sucks balls, unless you have a blower its 0-60 in 4 hours.
1) check out my chevelle! ill kick your wrx's ass.
2) really? because you have 8 cylinders instead of 4? do you know what torque, horsepower, or engine balance are?
1) shut up ricer!!! all imports suck!!!!1 god bless america!!!!111!!!!!1!!1111oneone
by nickr519 May 01, 2008

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