My daddy's car which he named me after.
My name is Chevelle because my dad is obsessed with his 1970 Chevelle SS.
by chevelle December 04, 2003
a kick ass band, if you dont like then go fuck yourself right in the ass with a wooden pole, not only a wooden pole, a wooden pole with splinters
chevelle kicks ass
by wang man November 27, 2003
A strong kick ass kinda girl who rules everyone and everything around and about her! Easy to get along with. But don't cross her or you will pay for it.
You can't mess with a Chevelle!
by chevying February 04, 2010
Verb: The act of quickly tossing all of a band's equipment out of a venue and into an alley without breaking any of it down first while replying "I don't care its going out." to anyone from the band trying to stop you from doing so.
"Man we Chevelled the hell out of that opening band last night!"
by Royal Jamaican September 23, 2011
a muscle car made by chevy. Most desired are the 1969-70 versions. Many rappers from the dirrty dirty aka the south like to fix them up,customize them. Hot ride in the ATL or ssouthside L.A./Houston.
~Young DRO's verse from Top Back (Remix)

DRO! My trunk gon' break the damn law
I'm ridin through the hood with 8THS OF DAMN RAW
Them twenty-sevens tall but them 8THS ARE DAMN RAW
Bitches know they see the platinum is grey like grandpa
Spray the Chevy all kind of sour apple colors
Diamonds up in my charm look like pineapple suckers
Tec-9 for some, mac-90 for others
Lethal Weapon on Ducatti's I got on my Danny Glovers
Nah this ain't the movie but I shot "4 Brothers"
And plus I gotta Chevelle that flop four colors
Cars without the covers, my beat down low
I let my rims sit high I'm the best thing blowin now Dro!!
by TheMostKnownUnknown June 12, 2007
common misunder standing, the chevy chevelle was not a muscle car. it had to bear the SS badge to be considered a muscle car. they came with a lot of power plant options.... basicaly anything from the 350 to the 454... were put in the malibus, the SS... and the non SS chevelles... they were and still are fast cars. they were chevys lash out at the ford mustang, and the mercury cougar.

the 1969 and 1970 are the most popular years for these cars. the SS cars, had, to strips of paint usually black down the center of the hood, and the center of the trunk, running parralle with the car. that was the only differance between the SS and non SS, other then a few motor parts.
bob "hey billy, look at that muscle car doing around 120 on the high way, what kind is it?''

billy "nahh thats not a muscle car, it dosent have the SS badge on the trunk the front grill, or the front fenders, and it dosent have the stripes....... but its a 1970 chevy chevelle

bob "what do you mean its not a muscle car?"

billy "i mean, if you call up your insureance company, and asked them how much you would pay for basic insureance, the person on the other end would say, is it a SS, or a non SS, and you would then say whats the differeance, and the guy on the other side, will simply reply... the SS is considered a muscle car, while the non SS is considered a luxsury car, so if its non SS, its about 1000 dollars cheaper, because, when it came off the assembly line, chevy, didnt sell it as a muscle car, simply a family luxsury car
by BillyThePsycho January 02, 2008
by just guess July 14, 2003

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