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Originated in the mid-late 90's by 'big jim' of Huntingdon, PA., the use of the term Cherry has spread like wildfire across central and western Pennsylvania.

Alternate Pronunciation: Churrrry.

A word for any occasion, Cherry can be used to suit almost any emotion. It is best accentuated by the adjective fucking.
"Dude, did you see that cherry escort with the huge gay wing and chuka hanging off the back?"

B- "I was banging this chick in the ass and I got one whiff of shit and I was out of there"
M- "that's fucking cherry"

"That stripper just showed J her snapper for 7 bucks, check it out"
"fucckking cherry" (in this case, pronounced churrrry)
by watters September 27, 2010
Pronounced Choo-kuh

Term for a large, aftermarket muffler that is usually improperly installed on a vehicle
Check out that fucking chuka hanging off that Neon. It's crooked and looks like a bazooka... pretty cherry if you ask me
by watters September 27, 2010
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