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Slang term for a perc. Someone who does percs is a cherd bird. Sometimes spelled: Churd
Ryan just bought a bag of cherds for us.
by crackheadtony September 09, 2011
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chink crossed with a nerd.
billy, the asian is a major cherd.
by azns_rox_my_sox September 13, 2005
A friendly nickname for anyone named Richard.
Yo Cherd, pass me a brewski.
by Casewhacka July 16, 2004
A combination of a chode and a nerd.
David Gonzalez is a cherd
by Chodius Buttcrackem September 12, 2013
A percocet when used to get high
Johnny asked Billy if he wanted to go pop some cherds after school
by Eastlaxer42 June 06, 2011
A mixture between a Chav and a Nerd. This word is commonly associated with blonds and ignorant people.
Person A "Oi mate, your a chav"

Person B "Fuck off, your a chav and a nerd, in fact your a cherd"

by Mr.G - BTN August 20, 2008

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