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An acronym that stands for Dirty Old Men's Association International.

Men who qualify like porn of younger women, the more like jailbait the better.
Wilbur loved surfing the DOMAI sites, it was the only way he could stir his 70 year old pecker to life.
by Casewhacka July 16, 2004
The burning sensation you get in your anus the day after eating way too much spicy food.
I jammed an ice cube up my ass trying to extinguish my sphincter of fire.
by Casewhacka July 16, 2004
Dude that looks like butt-rocker Ted Nugent - really long hair and maniacal expression.
That dude's a nuge, he looks like he's right off the cover of Cat Scratch Fever.
by Casewhacka July 15, 2004
A friendly nickname for anyone named Richard.
Yo Cherd, pass me a brewski.
by Casewhacka July 16, 2004

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