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place inside all of us where we are all happy and get the warm fuzzies. our happy places are insulated from the shitheads that make up just about everyone we encounter.
i'm in my happy place and i'm not mad at the world anymore!
by unusu-al June 10, 2004
The mental state achieved when one wants to avoid the unpleasant or uncomfortble. Everyone's happy place is different, and usually consists of the things that make them joyous.
Mindlessidiot: "...and so I was like, that's so disgusting. You should get that checked out, and he goes..."
Semi-saneperson: "Dude, shut the crap up. I'm in my happy place!"
(Mindless idiot continues rambling aimlessly until Semi-sane person smacks them with a bag of frozen fish sticks.)
by MandyM November 16, 2005
1. A psychologically-induced trance-like state, where a person may regress from a stressful situation. A person may go to their 'happy place' when trying to repress unhappy memories from their childhood.

2. A person whom is resting & de-stressing from work.
1. "Oh, look at little Jonny. He's in his happy place. Poor kid's been through a lot." Though, Jonny remains depressed.

2. "Susan is at her happy place again." But really, Susan is contemplating killing everyone at her workplace.
by thisisevidence March 05, 2010
A destination, location, world where all your friends and loved ones are together. This "place" is not one, but many. It is anywhere you feel the most "at home" and yourself. It is where you can have fun, smile, laugh, and get excited.
Whenever all of us are together, I am in in my "happy Place"
by Jdowd March 03, 2009
A wonderful place to be where you can let all your dreams, fantasies, even sick perversions come true, no matter who you are.
CreepyboyAndrew: I'm in my happyplace
HotChickCathy: Thats nice
CreepyboyAndrew: Wanna join me?
HotChickCathy has signed off.
by Cherrykallista July 19, 2006
its a place in your mind that is all happy
im leaving to go to my HappyPlace
by wizard webster June 05, 2015
A great app for your iPhone/Android that lets you store anything that makes you happy and essentially create your own happy place! Music, photos, videos, quotes or even journal entries - if it make you happy then it goes in your Happy Place.
"I love this picture! It makes me smile every time I see it. I am going to add it to My Happy Place app!"

"This song always puts me in a good mood! I am going to add it to My Happy Place app!"

"This Youtube video always makes me laugh, but I hate having to search for it all the time! Maybe I should just add it to My Happy Place!"

"Wow I had such a great date with this really cool guy I have been seeing! Maybe I should write a journal about it in My Happy Place app! And I'll add a picture of both of us to the entry also!"

"This quote from my Grandma always cracks me up. I should probably add it to My Happy Place app!"
by Really Happy Person January 31, 2014
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