My dude, Josh Hardwick.
Hey, There's Cheez!!!!
by Big ass white boy February 23, 2010
Two possible definitions:
The Original Cheez:
Likes to hang out in Jajoo chats, talk about Anime and odd computer video games where you have to catch shrimp and cook them or else you lose. See picture.

Cheez J.R. a.k.a. "CALL ME BRENT AND I'M 6'4"
Lives in Canada. Not much else to say. Except... for... Mexican hair stick. Teehee.
Yo man, Cheez J.R. is my idol.
by wheresmymic March 29, 2005
Greatest thing in the world. mmmm.....cheez...
see "cheez wiz"
I like cheez!
by cheez wiz September 28, 2003
CHEEZ IS MY LIFE.....ALL HAIL CHESUS.cheez is the shit man...who the FUCK is a fucking pie lover here? are? THY SHALT BURN IN HELLZ.
Chesus LoVES cheez
by cheez April 04, 2004
The pwnest player in gamer universe =D. Me.
I am Cheez, all your deaths are belong to me.
by Cheez March 22, 2003
sexciest guitarist alive
by porn chick June 24, 2003
All will fall to the almighty Cheez!!!!!
by Cheez October 20, 2003

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