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weed, gonja, the "good stuff", herb, dope...just another term for marijuana. Usually used with the adjected sweet.
hey man, that was some good/sweet cheeba.
by Jamin August 07, 2003
Those other people who say this complacated stuff are dumb....Cheeba is POT!
I smoke the cheeba all day long!
by Evan F November 09, 2005
marihuana, pot, the soking, waxing your erect penis
hey brohann, we gonna smoke that cheeba?
The "cottage cheese" or dimples on the back of a woman's thighs. Refers to the extra lumps and craters usually associated with being "thick".
Man, look at the cheeba on that chick! Get me some peaches with that shake!
by NnInstant August 30, 2007
Marijuana not in the form of a plant.
Do you want to smoke cheebar tomorrow night?
by Tommy Klijn August 04, 2007
Creating a harmless environment to enjoy buds appropriately
- Hey, the CHEEBA meeting is at 1830 at 4:20 this Thursday.
- Cool man, I'll bring my best buds.
by Brian Martucci March 04, 2006
Marijuana treated with Formaldehyde. Known for its high potency.
Everyone that wrote a definition for the word cheeba, besides me, are complete idiots because they are telling the world incorrect meanings of a word.
by Robert the Fish July 04, 2005