Cheeba is the web’s first search engine dedicated solely for the marijuana industry. Cheeba boasts all the features and functionalities of a modern search engine, but focuses exclusively on marijuana related content. With an expansive database of millions of marijuana related pages, Cheeba is the go-to resource to find cannabis-related businesses, compassionate care physicians, medical marijuana dispensaries, videos, news and much more!
Cheeba is the most amazing 420 website on the internet today!
by February 10, 2012
1.Another word for weed (usually good weed)
2.When something is awesome or cool.

1. Damn, Jimmy got some cheeba buds from his uncle last week . . . we got so high off just one doobie.

2. Dude #1 - Man I met three hot little ladies at the QT on my way here & they said they're coming by.
Dude #2 - Cheeba
by lift-ticket September 01, 2007
Cheeba means Marijuana. Cheeba is one of dozens and dozens of words used (like pot, grass, bud, herb, weed, smoke, boo, bush chronic, etc, etc, etc) to mean Marijuana.

I've read one poster's comments that "Cheeba" isn't a word. Of course it's a word. New words are added to our language every day, and "Cheeba" has been used for plenty enough years to establish itself as a "word". Consider the word, "bling". It hasn't been around nearly as long as the word "Cheeba".

I have seen other spell "Cheeba" as "Chiba". Well, "Chiba" is incorrect, too. Chiba is the name of some place in Japan and consequently the name of many Japanese restaurants and a name also given to a particular, fat sushi roll.

Some posters have used the word "Chiva" to describe Marijuana. That's also wrong. "Chiva" has meant "Heroin" for a very long time.

A "Cheeba Cohiba" is a blunt made by hollowing out a cigar and packing it with Cheeba (Marijuana). Cheeba Cohiba is named after the world-famous Cohiba Cuban cigars.
I'm going to sit my ass down with a bottle of Courvoisier, a nice Cheeba Cohiba, a couple of glasses ... and my beautiful woman to enjoy this great sunset.
by resinhead December 18, 2012
Another name for marijuana.
Dude you wanna toke some cheeba?
by Saulopa October 16, 2010
Another word for the drug/narcotic substance Marijuana.
"Go smoke some cheeba!"
by IceWarm November 20, 2004
Creating a Harmless Environment to Enjoy Buds Appropriately
"When is the CHEEBA club meeting?"
"4:20 bioootch!"
by Charlie Edelman November 10, 2005
weed, gonja, the "good stuff", herb, dope...just another term for marijuana. Usually used with the adjected sweet.
hey man, that was some good/sweet cheeba.
by Jamin August 07, 2003
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