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A holiday celebrated by people of the Jewish religion taking place the week following Easter. All Easter candy by this point has gone on sale anywhere from 50 to 75% off which is too good of a deal to pass up.
"Mommy is it Cheaster yet?"

"Cheaster came early, now we have a lot of inexpensive candy on the table"

"I schleped clear cross town to find the best deal so I could celebrate Cheaster."
by BK DurkaDurka March 21, 2008
"Christians" who go to church only on Christmas and Easter. Or even worse, they celebrate the holidays without even going to church.
Church is so packed today, all those darn cheasters!
by Kgiz April 17, 2006
Some one who only goes to mass/church on christmas and easter.
Mike asked, Why didn't Robert go to mass?"
John replies, "Because he is a cheaster!"
by Brian Reid March 23, 2008
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