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You can use like ya or you.
Tupac's song : I ain't mad at cha!
by MaxxFoxx July 31, 2006
A term of endearment towards another person, originates from the Cajun French dialect.
Mah, Cha, I love you!
by Luke Real Simple October 18, 2013
CHA means anything you want it to mean.
hey you CHA get the CHA out the way before i CHA you right in the CHA.
by CHA? February 06, 2011
An indefinable characteristic belonging to an individual who is arrogant yet not self-aware enough to know that he/she has no business being that arrogant. Often accompanied with the further lack of self awareness that he/she is being such an obnoxious, cocky asshole.

A pitiful narcissism.
Kanye West is the epitome of Cha.
by joeballs February 12, 2012
English word for "tea". Also the Japanese word for tea.
Englishman: "Would you like a cup o' cha old bean?"
Japanese man "Hai! Domo!"
by flatley June 06, 2005
totally! Duh! Of Course! u get the picture!!
Are you going to Christinas party?? CHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Christina and Mwa!! January 27, 2005
a cha is one of the most insane and fun people you can meet. she will sometimes be artsy and usally is someone when you see you just want to hug. she will make you laugh so much you start to cry and you could never imagen life without her! shes an amazing friend and has a really sweet attitude which will bring your heart to stop
"dude i am in love with cha"
" yah shes crazy beautiful"
by bebe876 April 11, 2012
If you see someone attractive you would say or shout out "Cha". Implying or asking a question "would ya?" "would you"
Fit girl walks across the steet, you and your mate walk pass and you shout out Cha to your mate "would you"
by richalluk October 27, 2010