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The Rock n Roll clown. He does cocaine.
Seriously, Dr. Rockso does a LOT of cocaine.
by WaFul December 05, 2006
Dr. Rockso the rock n' roll clown. He has a license to rock and a permit to roll. He does, alot of cocaine. Seriously. Recently became clean and now no loger does cocaine. His nose fell off.
His name is Dr Rockso, the Rock n Roll clown, he does cocaine. Im afraid thats all we know.

"Kuh kuh kuh kuh Yeaaaaah, its me Dr Rockso, the rock n' roll cloooown, I do cocaineeee,"
by BSharp March 25, 2008
His name is Dr. Rockso, he's a rock and roll clown. He does cocaine. He is the product of a sweaty night of passion between Gene Simmons and 'David Lee Roth.
"Fuck man, did you see Dr. Rockso on adult swim last night?"

'No, I was too busy making love to your mother.'

by Boyd, The Black Tooth Grin January 22, 2007
Dr. Rockso is the un-natural love child of Paul Stanley (lead singer of KISS) and David Lee Roth (lead singer of Van Halen). He is a rock and roll clown. He does cocaine. His video for "I'm Just a Rock and Roll Clown" was banned by music television, because you can see his junk-through his jumpsuit. KAKAKA-YEAH!
"Look what you've done to this rock and roll clown."-Def Leppard

"Aw, that is Dr. Rockso. I invited him overs, no bigs deal.."--Toki Wartooth

"I woke up with a clown's hand in my pants-that's what I did today"--William Murderface
by scorpioangel71 November 26, 2007
His name is Dr. Rockso, he is a rock and roll clown. He does cocaine, unfortunately that is all we know. Dr. Rockso is a character from Adult Swim's "Metalocalypse", he appears in only 2 episodes of the first season: "Birthdayface" and the episode in which he is featured "Dethklown". His music video was taken off of MTV because you could see his junk through his jumpsuit.
"I'm Dr. Rockso, The rock and roll clown. I DO COCAIIIIN! Ca ca caca YEAAAAAH"
by Brielyn February 25, 2008
The rock n' roll clown
He does cocaine.
I'm Dr. Rockso the rock n' roll clown, and I do cocaine!

I woke up with Dr. Rockso's finger in my butt, that's how my day was.
by DeathklokFTW May 15, 2009
The rock 'n roll clown from the animated TV show Metalocalypse. His real name is Leonard Rockstein and he does cocaine. Dr. Rockso's first appearance in Metalocalypse was in the episode 'Birthdayface,' when he is hired to come to Murderface's birthday party.
"I'm Dr. Rockso, the rock 'n roll clown! I do cocaine! K-K-K-YEAH!"
by Hoodsie Woods February 13, 2009
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