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1.-Chica = girl
2.-Chica = small, little
3.-Chica = young
1.- Donde esta la chica?
Where is the girl?
2.-Esta blusa es muy chica
This blouse is very small
3.-La niña es muy chica
The girl is too young
by gab January 16, 2005
A person who excels in singing, acting AND dancing.
Jennifer Lopez, though obnoxious, is a triple threat.
by gab March 29, 2005
In Mexico sometimes is used to named the women who work like domestic servant.

*This word can be considered contemptuous.
Who's that girl?
She's the cha cha

Quien es esa muchacha?
Es la cha cha
by gab January 16, 2005
What time is it?
It's a question about the time
-What time is it?
-6 o'clock
-Oh, I'm late!
by gab January 16, 2005
Chavito is a young boy.
It's used to say that someone is young.
He is chavito.
Está chavito.
by gab January 16, 2005
A lawyer who has had the simple procedure called a dolphin-plasty. The fin is made out of a scrotum.
"Not only am I a dolphin, but I am also a lawyer!"
"...you're a... lawfin?"
by gab March 28, 2005
Chavos = boys/guys(boys & girls).
A gruop of young people.
What's up chavos?
Que onda chavos?
by gab January 16, 2005

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