charlie, is short for the girls name Charlotte, they are generally daddys little girls and get everything they want, they are grumpy, ugly, short and annoy people
charlie: daddy can i have a pony?

dad: sure darling
by ILOVEBERTIE July 18, 2009
Generally used in Hamilton Ontario. Referring to a balding italian stereotype that has a small penis and childbearing hips.
Yo, that fucking Charlie is a real fucking dirtbag!!
by Joe Mi June 20, 2009
1. a strange man resembling an ogre in appearance and behavior

2. a toad
Charlie, go back to your swamp.
by AntsAntsAnts!!! March 27, 2009
a sweetheart, used as a term of affection especially if you have forgotten their real name
"Hey Charlie, great night lastnight."
by Tiffa_21 January 13, 2007
used when something is very stylish and shines.
He's sittin on some charlie 22's.

Did you check out that charlie 2 carat diamond she was pimpin?
by KW aka Style June 21, 2006
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