1. a potential stalker or stalkee
2. a particularly hot or scene guy
Girl A: "OMG, that guy is such a charlie!"
Girl B: "I don't know, the last one was better..."
by Charlie Hombertson January 05, 2008
a badly told joke or piece of information, often resulting in a long bout of silence and disbelief at the badness of the joke.
oh guys, phil pulled a massive charlie last night, he was telling some joke and noone found it funny.
by Alex Leone September 05, 2007
It's a racist slang for someone of Vietnamese decent used during the vietnam war.
Bill: yo joe lets get that charlie !!!!
joe: damn that charlies fast
by Charlie the Charlie March 25, 2006
Tearm for banknotes in England, generally southeast. 10 pound notes, origin Charles Darwin's picture on the back.
"Oi Steve, lets go get some charlie, i need some food."
by St Smidge February 20, 2006
I dropped a freakishly sloppy Charlie after a large meal of Indian food and laxatives.
by Monkey king lover April 30, 2009
a noun usually found at the end of a greeting in chicago slang.
What up Charlie? Whadown Charlie?
by southsiderida August 10, 2006
A gullible person. This is the term by which a con-man identifies his victims. The term is British in origin.
"See that guy? He looks like a right charlie."
by CleverShark May 18, 2006

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