used when something is very stylish and shines.
He's sittin on some charlie 22's.

Did you check out that charlie 2 carat diamond she was pimpin?
by KW aka Style June 21, 2006
a sweetheart, used as a term of affection especially if you have forgotten their real name
"Hey Charlie, great night lastnight."
by Tiffa_21 January 13, 2007
A slang word for the popular soft drink, Dr. Pepper, reserved for the "good doctor's" closest friends. Originating in 1885 Dr. Pepper was first made and sold in Waco, Texas and is now America's oldest major soft drink. It was named after a Dr. Charles Pepper.
"Hey, can you grab me a Charlie out of the fridge?"
by callmeadamaud February 21, 2006
A woman that is so sexually attractive she gives men an erection by just standing around them. Large breasts are often seen attached to the "Charlie" as is a perfect body in general.
I can't stand up lads, that Charlie has given me a stiffy.
by PJS123456 November 19, 2007
1. a potential stalker or stalkee
2. a particularly hot or scene guy
Girl A: "OMG, that guy is such a charlie!"
Girl B: "I don't know, the last one was better..."
by Charlie Hombertson January 05, 2008
It's a racist slang for someone of Vietnamese decent used during the vietnam war.
Bill: yo joe lets get that charlie !!!!
joe: damn that charlies fast
by Charlie the Charlie March 25, 2006
I dropped a freakishly sloppy Charlie after a large meal of Indian food and laxatives.
by Monkey king lover April 30, 2009

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