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a tall man with little boys haircut. may be gay.
damn charlie is a fag!
by Oliver Closov April 26, 2008
24 80
The act of burning off pubic hairs, especially on the testicles.
Sam: Hey Joe, why are you walking funny?

Joe: I decided to go all Charlie, but I burnt off my penis.
by KelseyP July 10, 2008
22 83
a fairy faggot
oh my gosh, those soccer players are such charlies!
by coupajahalia August 23, 2008
19 81
Charlie is what you call any asian person. It's really enjoyable because many charlies are funny. Its originated from the army talk for the letter C. charlie, during vietnam war.
the word has been broadened and now used for all asian people.
i <3 charlies
bert: yo, look at that charlie playing yu-gi-oh
Lenard: haha. he has a tiny weiner.
bert:look at that
by illllmattic December 02, 2007
21 92
originated by a southern new jersey mcdonalds employees
, a charlie is when your friend is using the restroom and you throw items over/under the stall door (salt/pepper shakers, pie, burgers) showering them in fun.
"hey, watch out for them charlies"
by rhor February 08, 2006
24 98
In the UK Charlie is slang for cocaine. Dunno about the rest of the world but in the UK it’s a total waste of money as it’s cut up with all kinds of crap so you barely get any kind of high out of it.
Guess what? I’m gonna stop doing Charlie. It’s so overrated.
by Stratostreak December 07, 2006
249 449