1.Poor like charlie is at the start of charlie and the chocolate factory...
2.cheap i.e white trash
Dude 1: Sup bitch are you coming to th movies this afternoon?
Dude 2: No sorry bro i can't
Dude 1: Why not? You's trippin if yo think yor ditchin'
Dude 2: I ain't got th cash alright
Dude 1: Man, ur so charlie...
by Hayley McLovin September 21, 2007
someone that has a boner, but not quite.
He may look like he has a hard on but it's accually not hard at all.
ugh look at that guy he has a charlie.
by charlie toee April 13, 2008
1) An expat or second generation Greek Cypriot living in England.

2) The dialect of Cypriot Greek spoken by the above. Tends to contain many English words "Hellenified" by Greek endings and spoken with a strong Cypriot accent.

The term originates in Cyprus and is mildly insulting. It refers to Prince Charles as the archetypal Englishman.
"I thought he was speaking Greek but I'm sure I heard the word 'shopping' in there."

"Yeah, he's speaking Charlie.".
by Schmunzelmonster July 16, 2008
paranoid kid who thiks world is out to get him
stop being a charlie
by peter piper picked a pepper April 30, 2008
a tall man with little boys haircut. may be gay.
damn charlie is a fag!
by Oliver Closov April 26, 2008
The act of burning off pubic hairs, especially on the testicles.
Sam: Hey Joe, why are you walking funny?

Joe: I decided to go all Charlie, but I burnt off my penis.
by KelseyP July 10, 2008
a fairy faggot
oh my gosh, those soccer players are such charlies!
by coupajahalia August 23, 2008

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