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A disgustingly fat, ugly chick.
"Hey bro, look at that fucking charb!!"
"That’s a huge bitch, I’d have to use at lest two bags on that shit!”
by Anonymous in Spokane November 20, 2007
19 12
Short for Charbonneau "see Charbonneau"
I had to write Charbs a check yesterday and I still don't know how to spell his last name.
by Charbs4 January 07, 2012
8 2
Charb: A mixture between Choob and Narb;
Commonly used on online games.
Dude that guy just got owned, what a charb
by M Y C L A W November 05, 2009
8 4
Peeing in strange places, yelling in the night, behavior outside of ones character and getting nude regardless of ones current situation.
Man that guy pulled an unreal Charb last night, I could not get to sleep from the yelling and there is a strange liquid in the corner of the room. Walked into the room he was sleeping in, guy was full nude!
by drank5353535353sf March 10, 2010
3 5
A person who likes to stalk the younger females, typically between the ages of 11-14.
Matt was beings charbs today with all those little girls at that elementary track meet.
by Brendan Judd August 21, 2009
4 14
big sweaty man-titties
Paul hit me in the face with his huge charbs when we were dancing!
by Dakemeg February 03, 2007
7 18