Sexual term when a man can't quite fit it in right away he takes the tip of his penis and rubs it against a woman's vagina (lips) until moist like a stick of Chapstick.
My girl was so tight I had to give her the Chapstick before entering her.
by Hal Em Dog May 28, 2012
Top Definition
A certain brand of lip balm which is especially great, and a hero to those who use acutane or have generally dry skin.
Ugh man, my lips are peeling, I need some chapstick.

I carry chapstick with me everywhere.
by kantsuu March 24, 2005
a tube of a substance that relieves dry chapped lips. one of the most addictive substances known to man kind. addictions to said substance rival that of crack.

To satisfy chaptick addictions, individuals will often ask their friends if they have chapstick. Be wary of said individuals because hpv can live on chapstick for thirty minutes, and you dont want an std.

When chapstick is lost, used up, or stolen an addict will display a few of the following withdrawl symptoms:
extreme dry lips
redness surrounding the mouth
constant licking of lips
patting of lips with water
and sometimes death

if you or a friend is addicted to chapstick, good luck.
Tom: hey whats that in your pocket?

Tori: umm.... my chapstick

Tom: but i thought you had chapstick in your backpack

Tori: oh thats just my back-up

Tom: weird
by lescori January 26, 2009
1. Stick of moisturising capabilities used by those whose lips are adverse to "chapping" in cold conditions.

2. The middle wicket of a gentleman, which has lip moisturising capabilities if used accordingly.
"Windy isn't it honey?" remarked Terry, "here, use my chap stick, don't want you drying up."
by christopherknightuk April 19, 2005
Another word for idiot/someone who's mean/rude, as used by the character of 'Sid' in the popular TV series 'Skins'.

Synonyms: idiot, fool, twat, wanker, tosser.
"...and I've been SUCH a fuckin' chapstick."
by SophieGlitterwhip February 17, 2008
Where would we be without it?
No lips to kiss, no cracks to heal.
Ahhh...chapstick Jag III's little buddy.
Grrr...I'm outta chappy and my lips are killing me!
by Jag III November 13, 2004
When you cum in a girls belly button, let it ferment and the dip your finger in it and apply it on her lips.
I gave my girl some chapstick last night and she rocked me in the dome.
by Brendone January 23, 2012
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