for balming up yo lipz
"okay okay; im so

so very very stoned

my CHapstiCK has Been LOST!!!!??

by matthew james madison morgan tom November 16, 2005
A dashing young englishman's penis.
"bloody hell that little wanker's whippin' out the chapstick!"
by hateradefierce July 25, 2008
A code word among high schoolers meaning "Marijuana".
Mostly used when talking about such in a class full of snitches and teachers and/or campus security.

Also, fun to see the looks on other people's faces around you when you ask a friend if they've got "Chapstick" or yell that you need some.
Person 1: "Dude... My lips are so dry, I haven't had any chapstick in weeks..."

Person 2: "Yeah? That sucks bro... I heard John's got some though. We should hit him up later for it."

Person 1: "Totally."
by Rachel Shmee October 24, 2011
A word or phrase that describes the owner of the xbox live gamertag Raged Ermine
me: Hey Chapstick
Raged Ermine: Hey
by xJAMESxB July 27, 2011
A type of girl who is more concerned with the state of the color on her lips than with what is going on around her. Typically can be seen drawing little hearts on desks, or in a group, applying sparkles to their skin.
Man I hate those chapstick girls, frickin' squirrels they are!
by Michelle Burnette June 16, 2003
A code word for weed, marijuana, mary jane.
"Beep boop, uh hey could you hold my chapstick?"
by supraz777 May 23, 2008
Extremely dirty kid who never washes his hair or takes a shower!
That kid is a chapstick
by King Rooney November 14, 2006

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