The god and center of the world, to members of the Church of the Living Chapstick (.com).
Person A: That person uses chapstick so fucking much
Person B: Ya, they are a member of the church of the living chapstick.
Person A: WTF?
by Dylan keenen November 07, 2005
someone smug and condescending from the suburbs or chicago
yo that fuckin chapstick dont belong in the dirty jerz
by billllll June 24, 2006
a term to mean that means idiot
i have been such a chap stick.
by jack wharton November 04, 2007
When you penis is the size of a chapstick tube yet women cannot keep it off of their lips
The guy over there is the size of a chapstick tube but I still wanta to suck his fucking cock
by Cockmaster January 09, 2004

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