to be inexperienced physically with the opposite sex
otherwise known as square
Francine: that girl is such a chappy
by rated May 12, 2007
Top Definition
When Something is disliked. i.e. people, things , experiences etc.
Zam: Yo oli them crisps are going to give you chappy breath.
James: yh your breath is chappy anyway
oli: Shutup bruv

Example 2 :
James: yo look at that guy hes got some chappy shoes.
Zam: yh eugh bruv
by zamanur June 22, 2011
The bunny character from Bleach that Rukia is obsessed with.
Rukia: I couldn't choose the design because it was a supply from my superiors! Of course I wanted the most popular one, Chappy the rabbit!

by NinjaBunniesHya July 19, 2009
High probability of getting into trouble. As in a situation or person who is chapped like lips.
"It was so chappy when the police showed up at the party"
by Octavianus May 25, 2009
Used to describe a person that tries to confuse you with thier long words and accent.

The process by which someone uses fancy words and a posh accent to confuse others. People which are "chappy" usually have an english accent.
Paul thinks he can fool me, but we all know he is chappy. He is allways chapping around with his big fancy words and english accent.
by CookieMunster June 22, 2006
the feeling your lips get when they are chapped
my lips are chappy and i need some chapstick
by bored boy 16 July 01, 2010
when lips are chapt, very badly.

;or when talking about chap stick
Oh lord im so chappy today.

Hey dude, pass the chappy.

by t-rex 69 December 19, 2008
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