a ugly boi or girl that thinks there cute.
boi sit your chap azz down.
by jaybooty January 12, 2006
1) Crap
2) Sleep
3) Learn
I got up early from my chap to chap some gemarah but then i had to take a chap.
by Neenainai March 27, 2004
a child like being with heavy bias against Sony PS2.
1. Chap stop trolling the PS2!

2. This forums has being totally chap! Sony is do0m3D.
by Valeroy December 25, 2004
Noun - chap: act of humiliation through
(i) violence - e.g. beat (through violence), hit, strike, kick, punch, slap, stab etc.
(ii) competition - e.g. beat (through victory), piss-on
(iii) personal indiscretion - e.g. hurting oneself, crash

Noun - The Chap: The best, the Shit, the Dog's Bollocks etc.

Noun - Jackie (Chapper): person (sometimes the word Chapper is ommitted but should be included)

Noun - Reet Jackie Chapper: cool person

Explitive - "Chap!": usually used by an observer to another party's personal injury or misfortune.

Verb - to chap: to beat, as in any of the contexts of the noun.

Verb - to chap: to go, to come (non-sexual), to walk, to drive, to move or to travel in general

Verb - to chap: to throw, to give, to pass

Adjective - chapping: moving, fast

Phrase - "Chapping on by": chilling, cool cruising
"Chap him!"
"Stop chapping me! I'm getting chapped!"
"I chapped him good and proper."
"I just chapped myself on that rake."
"It wasn't my fault - he just chapped into me!"
"That burger was the Chap!"
"Chap over here."
"Chap me that hammer."

"I had just chapped off the motorway and was chapping on by like a Reet Jackie Chapper, when some Jackie (Chapper) nearly chapped into me. I swerved and chapped the lamp-post and chapped myself on the steering wheel."
"Ha ha! Chap!"
by Gruff April 09, 2008
When you are reet mint as oot at something.


Physical violence
Booker T is the chap, he reet dished oot the chaps on the worlds strongest cock Mark Henry to win the worlds blackest cock award in the wrestling.
by Andy Chap March 02, 2004
1. When a man over excels he can be described/known as a 'chap'.

2. When a man under excels, he can also be described/known as a 'chap'.
1. "You fucked that really hot chick from work....chap!"

2. "You fucked that mangy, skunk-pussy, shit-cunt homeless women...bareback...chap!"
by Chapsly Bernard December 22, 2005
a girl who has lost her virginty and then lies about it
damn! gina won't admit she's a chaps hoe bag!
by b January 26, 2005

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