Noun - chap: act of humiliation through
(i) violence - e.g. beat (through violence), hit, strike, kick, punch, slap, stab etc.
(ii) competition - e.g. beat (through victory), piss-on
(iii) personal indiscretion - e.g. hurting oneself, crash

Noun - The Chap: The best, the Shit, the Dog's Bollocks etc.

Noun - Jackie (Chapper): person (sometimes the word Chapper is ommitted but should be included)

Noun - Reet Jackie Chapper: cool person

Explitive - "Chap!": usually used by an observer to another party's personal injury or misfortune.

Verb - to chap: to beat, as in any of the contexts of the noun.

Verb - to chap: to go, to come (non-sexual), to walk, to drive, to move or to travel in general

Verb - to chap: to throw, to give, to pass

Adjective - chapping: moving, fast

Phrase - "Chapping on by": chilling, cool cruising
"Chap him!"
"Stop chapping me! I'm getting chapped!"
"I chapped him good and proper."
"I just chapped myself on that rake."
"It wasn't my fault - he just chapped into me!"
"That burger was the Chap!"
"Chap over here."
"Chap me that hammer."

"I had just chapped off the motorway and was chapping on by like a Reet Jackie Chapper, when some Jackie (Chapper) nearly chapped into me. I swerved and chapped the lamp-post and chapped myself on the steering wheel."
"Ha ha! Chap!"
by Gruff April 09, 2008
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Man; friend; chum
Come along, chaps, its time for the mass suicide!
Used to refer to boys or men. Guys.

Sometimes extended to chappies.

It was originally short for chapman.
The chaps at the hardware store reckon this is a better brand.
by LGD May 19, 2004
Buttless pants that homosexual cowboys wear.
The cowboy wore chaps so he didn't have to take anything off before shitting.
by DylanLO June 26, 2005
A true gentleman. A man whom always dresses his best and acts the part. A chap will typically wear suit, tie/cravat, proper shoes and hat. Many wear well groomed moustaches.
Tipping your hat to a lady is a sign of a true chap.
by londonjohn August 19, 2008
A physical and public humiliation defined by a light tap to the back of the neck originating at Arvin High School. A successful chap is characterized by a faint, but very distinguishable smacking sound, followed by laughter among those present.

It may also be used to describe an object that is sub-par, un-cool, stupid, or of poor quality.
One may precede a chap by saying the following:

"That's a chap"


"That burger was a chap!"

"Don't make me chap you!" (As a warning)
by Logos et arma January 07, 2011
a cheaper, Polo-like clothing line, but the abbreviation's said to be "Could've Had a Polo Shirt".
You can find CHAPS at JC Penny's.
by Candice February 27, 2004
our own london(uk) slang for silver braceletz!
"fuck,u got sum nang chapz"
by red-eye July 23, 2004

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