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Is DaYyAaMMM FLYYY girl with a hot lil bod
She's a lover and a fighter, very artistically talented and is really laid back and easy going, yet also a driven, passionate, and spiritual woman.

She is a true friend, and sticks to her morals and values through her actions and word.

She is a lil tremptress, and men can't resist her. Usually in a relationship, and is a long lasting companion. Disrepect her and you will be left for the dust.
Don't mess with that girl, she's a Lil' Chanti!
by nayvayvaynjb January 13, 2011
The best family member of 2013. She is known for her outstanding cakes and dealing with her irrational sisters. Also, chanti can be thought to be a verb. If used this way, the subject of the sentence will be eaten alive. As in, "that poor elephant got chanti'ed"
Chanti is cool but you don't want to get chanti'ed.
by Dragons are not lizards February 09, 2014
A cool girl who loves to have fun. She likes to just chill but also loves to be able to go crazy and wild. Also a girl who has big titties and nice lips! She can be a flirt when she is in the mood.
Chantis has big boobs
Chantis has really soft lips
by LibbyDaCious August 30, 2011
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